Okey !!! Now the activities to be carried out at GECC ( Geger English Creative Community) is Englis Camp . Actually English Camp  held by MGMP English teachers throughout the district of Madiun . So GECC only participate in this activities. School give priority GECC members who joined because we are the extras associated with it . This activities are usually held at the end of the second semester.

The aim of the English Camp activities is to measure and strengthen our English language to be more fluent. Other than, because the English Camp activities is made throughout the district of Madiun so that we can also add friends to hone our skills in the English language. In the English Camp activities we will be invited to courageous to speak English to each other . Because we know that the language is in need once in this modern era .

Activities at the English Camp too much. Many other fun. Because we will race Рa race with other schools in order to demonstrate our proficiency in the English language . It may be that we will also be divided into several groups , but with other schools in Madiun . Here we will also share with people who are already adept at once with the English language . It could be even native speakers who participated in this activity . So english camp can make our english so fluent. And we will know about englis more. 


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